R.1 Terminology and scope of the complaint procedure

The MA/JS developed the complaint procedure in accordance with Article 69(7) of Regulation (EU) 2021/1060 and in agreement with the participating countries of the Programme. The procedure will ensure effective examination of complaints. O

Applicants and project partners can complain against decisions made during the project assessment and selection, project implementation or control and audit:


Project assessment and selection:

The procedure for complaints against the project assessment and/or the selection by the Monitoring Committee is described in the next chapter.


Project implementation:

The procedure for complaints against a decision of the MA/JS during project implementation is based on the subsidy contract concluded between the MA/JS and the lead partner. It follows the rules laid down in the subsidy contract and is further described in chapter R.3.


Control and audit:

Complaints relating to management verifications performed by the MA/JS follow the procedure described in chapter R.3.
Complaints relating to management verifications performed by controllers of the country where the project partner is located or related to audit have to be addressed to the responsible national authority or administrative body. Contact details can be found on the Programme portal.

This is without prejudice to the general possibility for citizens and stakeholders to address complaints to the European Commission.