B.7 Programme budget and co-financing

The Programme budget is composed of several funding sources. The main funding source is the European Regional Development Fund. Further funding source is Norwegian funding. Details on the funding actually available for projects can be found in the Programme’s fact sheet on the Programme portal www.interreg-baltic.eu.

Project partners have to provide their own contribution to receive Programme co-financing. The level of these contributions varies between the priorities, countries and the funds used:

Priorities 1 – 3



Partners from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are entitled to receive up to 80% ERDF co-financing.


Partners from Norway will receive up to 50% co-financing from Norwegian national funding.

 Priority 4

Project partners from all Programme countries under priority 4 are entitled to receive up to 80% co-financing from ERDF and Norwegian national funding. 

Project partners outside the Programme area

Project partners from countries outside the Programme area receiving support from ERDF are entitled to get up to 80% ERDF co-financing.