B.3 Projects’ contribution to the EUSBSR and other strategies relevant for the Programme countries

The Programme objectives are in line with the objectives of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Applicants can find information on the expected Programme’s contribution to the EUSBSR in chapter 2 of the Programme Document as well as on the Programme portal. The MA/JS encourages applicants to become acquainted with this chapter as well as the action plan relating to the EUSBSR.


Detailed information regarding the EUSBSR can be found under http://www.balticsea-region-strategy.eu/.

The MA/JS encourages applicants to consider the possible contribution of a project to policy areas of the Strategy and a particular action within the policy area. Applicants are encouraged to establish contacts with the policy area coordinators of the EUSBSR and discuss if their ideas are in line with the actions in those policy areas. PACs may give advice and support development and implementation of project ideas that help achieve the objectives of the EUSBSR action plan. PACs may also support policy dialogues in projects and help with dissemination of results.

Alongside the EUSBSR, there are other strategic documents relevant to the Programme area. The MA/JS recommends applicants link projects to the relevant strategic documents. Applicants may refer to the EU or national level, regional or sectoral policies and strategies, e.g. Green Deal, HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan, EU Circular Economy Action Plan, Nordic Council of Ministers’ Vision 2030.