Transnational cooperation at its best

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EU funding programme

Funding for organisations to connect

We are an EU funding programme. We create opportunities for public and private organisations in the Baltic Sea region to connect as if there were no borders. With experience and EU funding, we help them cooperate and put their ideas into practice. 

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 EU funding programme

Transition to a green and resilient region

We offer more than money: we bring together cultures, perspectives and expertise to get the best ideas and joint solutions. With our support, projects drive the transition to a green and resilient region. Jointly, we make the life of people around the Baltic Sea better.

Transnational cooperation in practice

How it works

You build a partnership with organisations from at least three Programme countries. We believe that working together as if there were no borders is an inspiring way to build on knowledge and skills, and to spread your results, too.

Together, you develop and submit a project idea that fits the Programme. Once you receive funding, you run your project with your partners. We will co-finance your activities at the level of up to 80% (EU partners) and 50% (Norwegian partners).



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Transnational cooperation in practice

Where to start

We open calls for applications in order to grant new funds. When a call is open, we inform you about activities that can be funded and about the steps that you have to take to apply.

We provide you with support tools throughout the application process. We can consult your project idea to help make it fit best to the Programme. Everything you need to know you can find at the gateway for applicants.


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