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Interreg Baltic Sea Region is a source of EU funding. We offer more than money, we bring together cultures, perspectives and expertise to get the best ideas and joint solutions. With our support, projects drive the transition to a green and resilient region. Jointly, we make the life of people around the Baltic Sea better.

The Programme is an agreement between EU member states Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and the northern parts of Germany as well as non-EU country – Norway.

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Plenary session at the 13th Annual Forum for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in Lappeenranta, Finland
Physical Meeting
29. September 2022
09:10 - 10:10
Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference 2022
Physical Meeting
19. - 20. October 2022
19:00 - 16:15

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    Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2021 – 2027

    Funding under four priorities

    With experience and EU funding, we help organisations from countries around the Baltic Sea to cooperate and put their ideas into practice. These ideas need to fit into one of four thematic priorities and help build Innovative societies (Priority 1), Water-smart societies (Priority 2), Climate-neutral societies (Priority 3) or Cooperation governance (Priority 4).

    By bringing together cultures, perspectives and expertise do we get the best ideas and joint solutions for a green and resilient Baltic Sea region.

    Priority 1

    Innovative societies

    1.1 Resilient economies and communities
    1.2 Responsive public services

    Priority 3

    Climate-neutral societies

    3.1 Circular economy
    3.2 Energy transition
    3.3 Smart green mobility

    Priority 2

    Water-smart societies

    2.1 Sustainable waters
    2.2 Blue economy

    Priority 4

    Cooperation governance

    4.1 Project platforms
    4.2 Macro-regional goverance

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    Matchmaking platform

    How to build relevant partnerships in a digital era? Explore the functions of the matchmaking platform to find partners you need and develop your project idea in a dedicated group.


    What is Interreg?

    Interreg, known as European Territorial Cooperation, is one of the two goals of the EU Cohesion Policy. Interreg contributes to a harmonious economic, social and territorial development of the Union as a whole. It provides a framework for working across borders for partners from different Member States in the European Union and beyond.