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Consultations for applicants are now open!

Our Programme actively supports you in developing your project idea. This is why, when calls for applications are open, we offer the possibility to consult your project idea with representatives of the project and the finance team of the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat.

Check the procedure below and consult your project idea.

How to get started?

Before you request consultations, you need to submit a Project Idea Form (PIF) to the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat. It is an obligatory step in applying for funding in our Programme.

The Project Idea Form (PIF) is a document in which you present the essence of your project idea. Use this opportunity to explain the challenge you address and solutions that your project will bring. Clearly define the partnership you are building and the target groups that you address in your rpoject.

When you submit your Project Idea Form (PIF), at the same time, you can indicate your wish to receive an individual online consultation.

 Submit Project Idea Form (PIF) & request consultation

Submit your Project Idea Form (PIF) via e-mail to In the same e-mail, you can request an individual consultation.

Request an online consultation

The moment you submit your PIF, you can request individual tailored feedback.

Get PIF confirmation receipt

Once you submit your PIF, you will also receive a confirmation with your registration number.

Request BAMOS+ account

Fill out the form, use the PIF registration number and request access to BAMOS+ to work on and submit your application.

Project Idea Form (PIF)

Download a PIF template before you start working together with your partners to fill it in. Once it is ready, submit your PIF to The Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat will process each PIF and register it.

As a lead partner, you will receive a registration number of your PIF via e-mail. You will need this number in order to apply for access to the electronic data exchange system BAMOS+. It is the system you will use to develop and submit your full application.

You may request a consultation also at a later stage after submitting your Project Idea Form but make sure that you have sufficient time to work on your full application form.

Instructions how to use the form

1. Please use ADOBE READER 10.0 or higher to fill the form
The latest version can be downloaded for free e.g. at Please install the Adobe reader before opening the form.

2. Please do not open the files in other PDF-viewers or in the internet browser
Using other viewers or a browser will either lead to an error message or the file will not work properly and it will be damaged.

3. Please save the form on your computer before opening
Once Adobe Reader might not be by default your standard PDF-viewer, we recommend that you save the PDF file on your computer e.g. on the desktop before opening it. To do this, please click with the right mouse button on the link with the PDF document (e.g. “Download PIF for core projects”) and select from the menu “Save the link as…”. This will open a window allowing you to select the location for the file.

4. Open the PDF form saved on your computer
This can be done in different ways. One option is to click on the saved file with the right mouse button and to select “Open with…”. This function will offer you to choose a programme to open the file and you have to select Adobe Reader from this list. Another option is that you start the Adobe Reader and open the file via the menu point “Open”.

What else should you know?

Your Project Idea Form will be provided to the Monitoring Committee members of the Programme. Upon your consent, the Project Idea Form will also be shared with the policy area coordinators (PACs) of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). Some Member States and PACs may approach you with guidance on further development of your project idea. You are also welcome to contact the PACs directly to discuss how your project idea fits to the policy area of the EUSBSR. Contacts are available here.

Please be aware that the quality assessment of the project applications is carried out based on the information from the submitted full applications only. Information in this Project Idea Form including MA/JS feedback does not influence the quality assessment.


Check where you are in the process


Submit a Project Idea Form

Share your project idea with us, it’s obligatory. Tell us whether you need a consultation.


Request access to BAMOS+

Send an appointing document to tell us who should receive access to BAMOS+.


Develop your full application

Develop your full application in BAMOS+: prepare the work plan, responsibilities for partners and budgets.


Submit your application

 Submit your application via BAMOS+.


Provide additional information

Upload partner declarations, contact information & bank information in BAMOS+.