Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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Transnational cooperation is part of our life now

Why ‘common’, ‘innovative’ and ‘urgent’ so well describe Interreg? What convergence effects does Interreg trigger? Read the interview with Margarita Golovko, the Monitoring Committee member from Estonia, to find out! 

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Our Interreg togetherness

Why is it worth investing time, effort and money in cooperation in the Baltic Sea region? Read the interview with Teresa Marcinów, Monitoring Committee member from Poland. 

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We are hiring!

We are looking for an IT Officer at the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. Join a transnational team of people who believe in European cooperation and in working beyond borders for the benefit of the Baltic Sea region.

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How Interreg projects help shape regional policies

Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky, Special Advisor to the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, also known as the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM), explains how Interreg project have been helping push the HELCOM agenda forward. 

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