Interreg Baltic Sea region 2021 – 2027

Priority 1:
Innovative societies

Programme objective 1.1

Resilient economies and communities

Resilience is understood as the ability to respond to external disturbances such as severe recessions and financial crises, downturns of particular industries or major health crises. The Programme encourages actions that help to avoid unwanted external impacts, withstand them or recover quickly from them.

Programme Objective 1.2

Responsive public services

In relation to a growing complexity of societal challenges, the Programme supports actions that improve organisational set-ups and processes to respond to public needs and to deliver less bureaucratic and more cost-efficient public services.


How Interreg boosts SMEs growth

How Interreg boosts SMEs growth

05 December 2023 How Interreg boosts SME growth #25yearsIBSR Written by Elena KolosovaThanks to transnational cooperation, small and medium enterprises in the...

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Four priorities & nine objectives

Four priorities for cooperation

Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027 creates opportunities for organisations to connect
as if there were no borders. With experience and EU funding, we help them cooperate and put their ideas
 into practice. Jointly, we make the life of people around the Baltic Sea better.

The Programme is structured along with four priorities. They guide partners in achieving the most when cooperating across borders.

Priority 1

Innovative societies

1.1 Resilient economies and communities
1.2 Responsive public services

Priority 2

Water-smart societies

2.1 Sustainable waters
2.2 Blue economy

Priority 3

Climate-neutral societies

3.1 Circular economy
3.2 Energy transition
3.3 Smart green mobility

Priority 4

Cooperation governance

4.1 Project platform
4.2 Macro-regional governance