N.1 Payment

N.1.1 Reimbursement principle

The Programme pays the projects based on the principle of reimbursement. This means that each project partner pre-finances its own project expenditure and requests a reimbursement of the Programme co-financing via a partner report. Based on the partner reports the lead partner compiles the project progress report and submits it to the MA/JS for payment.

Once the MA/JS has checked and approved the progress report, it informs the lead partner about the approval of the report in the closure message of the clarification form in BAMOS+. Afterwards, the MA/JS transfers the approved amount of Programme co-financing to the bank account of the lead partner (indicated in BAMOS+). The MA/JS will make the payment in Euros. The lead partner has to accept any exchange rate risks which may result from the transfer. In cases where the project budget is co-financed from several funds, the MA/JS will make separate payments. The lead partner has the possibility of indicating several accounts in BAMOS+ if it wishes to receive the separate payments on separate accounts. The payment arrives on the project bank account(s) usually within two weeks after the report approval. The exact transfer date(s) will be visible in BAMOS+.

After the payment receipt, the lead partner reimburses the costs to the individual project partners. If not otherwise specified in the partnership agreement, the lead partner has to ensure that the other partners receive the total amount of the Programme contribution in full and without any delay. The lead partner must not deduct or withhold any amount. The lead partner will not levy any specific charge or other charge with equivalent effect that would reduce that amount for the other project partners¹.

¹ REGULATION (EU) 2021/1059, Art 26.2.

N.1.2 Payment rules

The MA/JS will ensure that, subject to the availability of funding, a project receives the amount due in full and no later than 80 days from the date of submission of the progress report by the lead partner. The MA/JS may interrupt this deadline if information submitted by the project does not enable the MA/JS to establish whether the amount is due¹, e.g.

¹ REGULATION (EU) 2021/1060, Art 74.1(b)

if the amounts indicated in the progress report are not correct,


if the supporting documents and documents necessary for management verifications are not complete (i.e. clarification procedure of a progress report cannot be closed).

Another reason for an interruption may be also an investigation by the relevant national or European institutions in relation to a possible irregularity.

The MA/JS may reduce the amount requested by the project through deduction of ineligible expenditure and/or application of financial corrections. In such cases, the MA/JS will inform the lead partner in writing about the interruption and/or deductions of funds and the reasons for doing so.