G.3 Factsheet: Organisation of Strategy Forums

G.3.1 Definition

The Programme provides funding for the organisation of Strategy Forums. A Strategy Forum is a major event arranged as a meeting place for organisations implementing the EUSBSR and other stakeholders. It aims to attract key stakeholders and active partners of the EUSBSR from local, regional, national and EU level. It can be online or hybrid (a mix of a digital and live/physical event) or take place as a live event. The funding for the organisation of a Strategy Forum is granted through a project.

G.3.2 Partnership

The application for the organisation of a Strategy Forum must involve at least two partner organisations from at least two Programme countries. At least one organisation should come from an EU Member State of the Programme area and be the lead partner of the application. Public authorities at local, regional or national level are, in particular, encouraged to apply as partners.

All organisations eligible in the Programme can apply, except private-for-profit organisations. Information on the eligibility of partner organisations, requirements for the partnership as well as the legal status of the partners is available in chapter C. In the Programme terms, private-for-profit are profit-oriented legal entities with legal status b), such as:


bodies not fulfilling criteria i. and/or iii. characteristic of ’bodies governed by public law’ and being private for-profit entities, and


European Economic Interest Grouping.

G.3.3 Activities supported by the Programme

With Programme funding, the partners can plan activities necessary for the organisation of such an event. A Strategy Forum can be organised as a live, hybrid or online event. Programme funding should contribute to costs relating to:


staff resources for preparation of the Strategy Forum and its contents, its implementation and evaluation;


promotion and connected communication activities;


IT related costs, linked to running a live, hybrid or online event;


delivering reports, studies or surveys;


renting premises, conference equipment and sound systems, registration system, security costs, speaker costs, costs relating to the logistics, catering, conference materials;


setting up and organising a networking village;


reporting and administrative costs, etc.

G.3.4 Project structure

The MA/JS advises structuring the activities in one work package (WP). A WP consists of up to five groups of activities. Partners must outline activities that will be carried out in order to organise a Strategy Forum. Partners need to describe how they involve the National Coordinators and the policy area coordinators of the EUSBSR. They should also describe the involvement of relevant ministries and other decision-makers. If background reports and studies are to be prepared, partners should mention them in the application. They must also detail how they engage wider audience and facilitate networking.

G.3.5. Duration

The duration of the project consists of three phases. The contracting phase usually lasts three months. The implementation phase is usually up to 12 months. The closure phase usually lasts three months.

G.3.6 Budget

The maximum Programme support is set in the call announcement note. Further information on the eligibility and cost categories can be found in chapter G.5 of the Programme Manual.