I.3 Support in project communication

The MA/JS support

The MA/JS will enable projects to correctly apply the Programme rules and requirements regarding communication. The MA/JS will support projects in fulfilling the visibility requirements by providing the Interreg brand, project subpages, office templates as well as guidance and feedback.

The MA/JS will create an environment to facilitate online peer exchange and aim for at least one physical event for communication managers per year. The MA/JS will also offer training on the content management system for project subpages and selected aspects of communication.

The MA/JS will help build a community among projects to enable them to demonstrate the added value of Interreg transnational cooperation. The MA/JS will empower projects to deliver communication about the benefits and achievements of Interreg projects.

To facilitate this, the MA/JS will provide the Interreg narrative and help projects understand their affiliation to it.

Project branding

Each contracted project from priorities 1 to 3 and platforms will receive a project logo in print and web formats that is in line with the visibility requirements.


Please note

Projects are not encouraged to develop their own brands. Projects will be offered a basic project design guide based on the Programme’s corporate design manual with a selection of colours, fonts, graphic elements and office templates (can be used voluntarily).

Project websites and social media

Each contracted project from priorities 1 to 3 and platforms will receive access to a dedicated project subpage hosted on the Programme portal https://www.interreg-baltic.eu. Each subpage will provide basic information about the project and offer modules for the project to use.

Each project has to plan sufficient resources to run the project subpage. The project has to indicate the institution legally responsible for the content published and the main responsible person for the content. The project will receive a user manual and additional training on the content management system.

The MA/JS advises running social media channels of a project’s own choice if such channels support or enable reaching out and engaging target groups in a project.

Please note

The projects will not receive co-financing for stand-alone project websites outside https://www.interreg-baltic.eu unless they are intended to build networks, platforms or databases as parts of solutions and exceed the lifetime of the project.