G.1 Factsheet: Assistance to the policy area coordinators of the EUSBSR

G.1.1 Definition

The Programme provides funding to the policy areas coordinators (PACs) to coordinate the policy areas in line with the EUSBSR Action Plan. This funding is provided in addition to the own resources of the organisation to coordinate the policy area. It has to bring added value to regular functions of the organisation that hosts the PAC. The funding is granted through a project.

G.1.2 Partnership

Only organisations that are officially appointed as EUSBSR policy area coordinators can apply for Programme funding. Each policy area can be represented in one application only. The application must involve at least two partner organisations from at least two countries. The organisations sharing the leadership of a policy area (co-PACs) should submit a joint application. PACs from different policy areas can submit a joint application. One of the PACs has to be appointed as the lead partner for the application. If a co-PAC does not decide to join the application as a partner and not to apply for Programme funding, this co-PAC can nevertheless join as an associated organisation.

Further information on the requirements for the partnership, as well as the legal status of the partners, is available in chapter C.

G.1.3 Activities supported by the Programme

With Programme funding, the PACs should coordinate their policy area and facilitate implementation of actions defined in the EUSBSR Action Plan. They should engage stakeholders in their policy areas and support project implementation. They should monitor, evaluate and communicate progress and achievements of their policy areas. They may also support generation of new projects and work with project idea developers.
In addition, they can work on common priorities of the EU and partner countries, for example, bring together stakeholders in topics important for the EU and partner countries, develop a roadmap, discuss project ideas in these topics.

G.1.4 Project structure

The PACs can structure their activities in up to four work packages (WP). A WP consists of up to five groups of activities. The PACs should outline tasks and activities that will be carried out with Programme funding. They need to describe the role of the steering group of the policy area in these activities.

G.1.5. Duration

The duration of the project consists of three phases. The contracting phase usually lasts three months. The implementation phase may last up to 36 months. The Monitoring Committee may decide to grant additional implementation time and funding to these projects. The projects follow the change procedure to include additional activities and funding described in chapter L of the Programme Manual. The closure phase usually lasts three months.

G.1.6 Budget

The maximum Programme support per policy area is set in the call announcement note. Further information on the eligibility and cost categories can be found in chapter G.5. of the Programme Manual.