B.8 Programme implementation structure

The Monitoring Committee is composed of representatives of all countries that participate in the Programme. The MC is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and quality of the Programme as well as for selecting the projects. The work of the MC is supported by national committees or sub-committees. They provide links and information to regional and local authorities, economic and social partners and non-governmental organisations during the implementation of the Programme. Member States may also establish national contact points to promote the Programme and support applicants and project partners at national level.

Contact list of MC members

A link to the contact list of MC members from the Programme portal:

Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein is the Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat for Interreg Baltic Sea Region. IB.SH’s department, responsible for management and implementation of the Programme, is located in Rostock/Germany. The MA/JS also assists the MC in carrying out its functions and acts as the main contact point for the public interested in the Programme, the applicants and projects. In particular, the MA/JS provides information to applicants about funding opportunities and assists partners in the implementation of projects.

Contact information MA/JS

Contact information for staff members of the MA/JS is available on the Programme portal:

Germany, as the Member State hosting the MA, has appointed the Ministry of Justice, European Affairs, Consumer Protection and Equality of Land Schleswig-Holstein to act as Audit Authority of the Programme. The AA is responsible for verifying the effective functioning of the management and control system of the Programme. The AA is assisted by the Group of Auditors including one representative of each participating country.