H.2 Project duration

The duration of a project consists of three phases: contracting, implementation and closure. The exact dates of each phase are given in the application in BAMOS+. The following sub-chapters give further details about these phases.

H.2.1 Contracting phase

In general, the contracting phase starts one day after selection of the project by the MC. The MC may define a different start of the contracting phase. It usually lasts three months and is the same for all core projects in a given call regardless of the actual date of concluding the contract. In some circumstances the MA/JS may plan a longer contracting phase e.g. when a major part of contracting happens during a summer vacation period. This information will be included in the announcement note of each call.

During the contracting phase, the MA/JS clarifies all outstanding issues relating to the project. The MA/JS may ask for:


Implementing the requirements set by the MC or the MA/JS e.g. removing of a particular activity, reducing the project budget, establishing cooperation with a project in the same thematic field,


Clarifications to the information provided in the application e.g. unclear description of a particular activity, minor budget corrections,


Submission of any missing documentation.

The subsidy contract is signed between Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein acting as the MA of the Programme and the lead partner of the selected project. The contract sets out the obligations and rights of the contracting parties and constitutes the main agreement between the project and the Programme. A sample of the subsidy contract can be downloaded from the Programme portal.

H.2.2 Implementation phase

The implementation phase follows directly after the contracting phase. If the clarifications for contracting are finalised earlier, the subsidy contract may be concluded before the end of the official contracting phase. Partners may also start project activities before receiving the signed subsidy contract; however, at their own risk. Project activities and respective expenditure are eligible the day after selection of the project by the MC.

During contracting and implementation phases all costs are eligible, provided they are related to the project implementation and in line with relevant eligibility rules.

H.2.3 Closure phase

After the end of the project implementation the partners have three additional months for the closure phase. The closure phase is reserved for compiling and certifying the final progress report and no project activities can be implemented during this period. The last day of the closure period is the submission deadline of the final report. During the closure phase the following costs are eligible:


Costs of administrative activities relating to the project closure,


Costs relating to activities finalised in the implementation phase.

The MC may define a different period for closure phase. Shall this be a case, this information will be included in the announcement note of each call.