N.2 Cash inflows

N.2.1 Treatment of public cash inflows

Expenditure, which was already co-financed from other EU funds, or was fully covered by other international, national, regional and/or local funds are not eligible for co-financing from the Programme. Contributions to project activities received from international (e.g. UNESCO), national, regional and/or local funds are only eligible provided that they do not exceed the partner’s own financial contribution.

N.2.2 Treatment of private cash inflows

Private cash inflows for project activities are regarded as donations and sponsoring, and thus cannot be used as a source of own contribution of the project partners.

For example, a private company, which is not a project partner, pays a contribution (donation/ sponsoring) for a project event. Such a contribution must not be used to cover the own contribution of a project partner. However, the project may use such a contribution to cover additional costs, which will not be reported as project expenditure to the MA/JS.

In such cases, the MA/JS will inform the lead partner in writing about the interruption and/or deductions of funds and the reasons for it.