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Explore how people in the Baltic Sea region have been benefitting from our projects.

#MadeWithInterreg solutions for

Strong and competitive companies

From exploring new business models to reaching out beyond borders: this is how Interreg keeps businesses thriving

What are we doing?

In our projects, enterprises, especially of small and medium size, connect to other organisations to open up new business perspectives. In a longer run, business ties expand wider and help build interpersonal relations of people beyond borders.

Examples of #MadeWithInterreg solutions:
  • blueprints for small businesses to enter new markets and ensure resilience
  • assisting local food producers in e-commerce to ensure steady income
  • diversified businesses to secure future prosperity
  • models for transferring ownerships in enterprises
  • practical tools to avoid bankruptcy
  • improved access to research facilities for enterprises


What we’ve done so far

From 2004 to 2007, several projects supported SMEs in all Baltic Sea Region countries, facilitating over 1200 springboard events to help entrepreneurs develop business plans and attract venture capital. Regional development agencies and business support organisations improved their business training schemes and advice to SMEs.

From 2009 to 2014, projects linked incubators, chambers of commerce, and clusters to create support networks for SMEs. These networks helped SMEs find partners in other countries and enter new markets. They facilitated access to innovation expertise and testing new products in world-leading research facilities located in different Baltic Sea region countries.

Between 2016 and 2021, projects boosted regional innovation ecosystems, networks of public authorities, innovation actors, universities, and companies. They discovered best practices to engage SMEs in innovation activities within regional smart specialisation strategies, a systematic process to make European regions globally more competitive through innovation. Projects also supported SMEs in crisis situations, providing advice from business consultants and mentors to avoid bankruptcy and job losses. Further, they helped SMEs transfer their businesses to successors as a change of ownership is a complex process.

Ongoing projects

The ongoing projects facilitate green and digital transition and access to new markets. The projects increase resilience of various Baltic Sea region sectors against crises and disruptions. They also work towards ensuring steady business development and inflow of skilled workers.

Explore the project solutions in detail:


BSG-Go! Scaling-up Baltic Sea Game support for a resilient game industry
The project BSG-Go creates a community for young game developers and entrepreneurs to build on communication competences and ensure stable game industry growth.
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eRural resilience

Creating resilient rural communities in BSR based on the opportunities of digital bio businesses
The project eRural resilience enables local authorities and business support organisations in rural areas to help SMEs increase their digital literacy in e-marketing of bio products and thus seize new business opportunities.
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Innovative Solutions for the Rural Food Production Sector to Diversify into Sustainable Culinary Tourism Services
The project BASCIL helps local food producers in rural areas diversify their business into sustainable culinary tourism services, and thus reach new customers.
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BSR Go-abroad

BSR Go-abroad - building market and supply chain opportunities for micro SMEs within the Baltic Sea Region
The project BSR Go-abroad develops a blueprint for micro SMEs to help them expand business offers and enter new markets across the Baltic Sea region in order to keep their businesses thriving regardless of any disruptions to come.
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Music Industry Resilience Acceleration Programme
The project MI-RAP helps local authorities, sectoral agencies and business support organisations attract fresh talents to the music industry, while ensuring more cross-sectoral cooperation and integration of emerging technologies and green practices at the same time.
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Innovative Business Transfer Models for SMEs in the BSR
The project INBETS BSR enabled business support organisations to improve consultations in business transfer and ensure continuity in complex handover processes.
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Baltic TRAM

Transnational Research Access in Macro-Region
The Interreg project BalticTRAM successfully connected companies from the Baltic Sea region with universities, research institutes, and large scale research infrastructures across eight countries and helped 15 SMEs solve specific challenges in product development, e.g. for sustainable cement, better medical test kits, more durable electronics and longer lasting batteries.
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Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network
The Interreg project BSUIN tackled underutilisation of the underground laboratories serving as a business development and innovation platform for representatives of business, academia and regional development agencies across the Baltic Sea region.
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BSR DeepTech Launch

Deep Tech Entrepreneurship Launchpad - developing efficient model for fostering STEM entrepreneurship among students and young researchers, to increase deep tech innovation in economy
In the project BSR DeepTech Launch, business, research and education institutions empower talented students and young researchers to start up their deep tech businesses and speed up green and digital transition.
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S3-Empowering for Innovation and Growth in Medium-Sized Cities and Regions
The Interreg project EmpInno helped twelve medium sized regions around the Baltic Sea to improve their regional innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3) by providing strategy owners (e.g. public authorities) and strategy implementers (e.g. science parks, universities, business intermediaries) with peer knowledge and by boosting their cooperation with business.
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Baltic Game Industry

Baltic Game Industry - Empowering a Booster for Regional Development
The Interreg project Baltic Game Industry aligned business support with concrete needs of game start-ups and succeeded in turning the Baltic Sea region into a highly recognised game hotspot.
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Results stay with the people: listen to our #InterregVoices:


Thanks to the Interreg projects, we brought tangible results for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Baltic Sea region for the past 20 years. (...) We created many solutions for SMEs to help them run their businesses better. We also created very strong structures that are still intact.

Max Hogeforster

Hanse Parliament

©City of Tartu

With the EmpInno project, we have developed a statistics tool in collaboration with Estonian citizens and entrepreneurs. Now local policymakers have a better overview of the local business ecosystem, and also its development trends.

Finally, the Baltic Game Industry project helped us to create a gaming and film industry incubation programme in Tartu. The programme is still running even though the project is over.

Raimond Tamm

Deputy Mayor of Tartu, Estonia

©Michael Biel

The Baltic Sea region is a games hotspot in Europe. BSG GO! supports players in Berlin's game industry in entering into international cooperations and thus strengthening entrepreneurial resilience.

Michael Biel

Senate Department of Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises of Berlin