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Remote business strategy pilots: How to participate

16 January 2024
Here is a brief about our Remote business strategy pilots ready to tested during 2024. Information will be added and the material will be edited along the way.
Technical details

Below you find the tools and how to test them. Welcome to participate DistanceLAB pilots!

Customer relationship building

workshops, materials and methods how to use the tools and methods to maintain a long-lasting relationship with the clients. As a result of the workshop you get a plan for customer relationship building in remote work.

Testing the pilot is organized in the form of online/on-site insight to materials for individuals, groups, organizations, online or on – site workshops or discussions, insight and feedback on the content, individual consultations.

You can find a current version of the Learning tool online.

For participating contact aziemiakowicz@rarr.rzeszow.pl

Cybersecurity in remote

Developing a cybersecurity tool useful for all the organisations that have remote workers and for those who want to digitalize the businesses. Discussions and workshops.

You can start by having a look at the educational material about cybersecurity:

Checklist for employer

Checklist for a remote worker

Checklist for a provider of digital services

Safe remote work practices

Read our article on how you can scan your network by using free online tool.

If you know Finnish or Swedish, you can register on a cybersecurity first aid clinic here, no previous It-skills needed.
Participate to cybersecurity in remote -tool by using this questionnaire.

Enhancing business internationalization

This service is aimed to make internationalization services both more accessible to a wider range of enterprises and to maximize the value of these services through targeted preparation. The tool seeks to assess the efficacy and relevance of the specialized tool in real-world scenarios, ensuring it provides practical value to businesses. It endeavors to gather insights into the most prevalent challenges companies encounter when engaging with internationalization services, allowing us to tailor recommendations accordingly. It serves as a testing ground to evaluate the suitability of internationalization service providers in partner regions for addressing specific business needs.

Through this pilot, we aim to refine our support mechanisms and offer a more effective pathway to international expansion. Tool consisting of a set of recommendations, based on a company’s needs, which would provide the most important steps of internationalization.

For more information, contact k.kuzmarskyte@lic.lt

Recruitment and employee satisfaction

Remote recruitment & well-being Strategy Canvas supports companies in considering and adapting their open positions in a way that is suitable for remote work. The remote strategy canvas template created and piloted in the project provides support in recognizing and enhancing remote work opportunities within the company and creating a plan of efficient and rewarding remote work, especially for new recruits.

The Canvas acts as the starting point of the company’s remote strategy that should be in line with overall strategy and goals. The project offers support for enhancing the plan, introducing ideas, giving new perspectives and development points. After completing remote recruitment & well-being strategy Canvas, it is easier to start the practical actions towards the remote strategy and also develop remote strategy further.

The pilot is executed:

  1. independently by uploading remote recruitment & well-being strategy Canvas and filling up details step by step utilizing guidelines provided in the Canvas.
  2. in a workshop setting; for sharing ideas and utilizing peer support. In the workshop each participant/company can fill up their own Canvas, but also discuss and share ideas with others. The material is the same: remote recruitment & well-being strategy Canvas and it will be fill in individually step by step, but in between steps, topics are also discussed in groups to expand the ideas of what can be done remotely.

The template aims to spark ideas of human resource development to better suit the hybrid world and finding solutions that remote work can offer.

Download, save to your own device and fill in:

  • Remote recruitment & well-being Strategy Canvas in ENG:  pdf    Power Point
  • Remote recruitment & well-being Strategy Canvas in FIN:   pdf    Power Point

Want to take part in workshop? Or would like help walking through steps of the Canvas?

Please contact kirsi.palomaki@centria.fi

Would you like to give feedback regarding Canvas? Leave your comments anonymously through this link.


Wellbeing and recruitment app


The Well-being application “Your Day at Distance” provides supervisors with information on how employees perceive support, cohesion, and motivation in their work. Employees respond to daily changing multiple-choice questions via phone or computer and there is possibility to also add anonymous comments related to answers given.
The results are reported to the supervisor at the team level, not individually. The results are available to the participating organization after the pilot, and they will not be published as part of the project.

To pilot Your Day at Distance App please follow these simple instructions.

With any technical issues or feedback, please contact: ville.peltola@centria.fi

Feedback fur further development of Your Day at Distance App is requested from both supervisors and employees via email after the testing period.

Digitalization strategy –model

A roadmap and a calculator for a successful digital solution in the company to help you get:

  • Support in developing your company’s digital solution
  • Support in implementing a digital solution
  • Support in bringing a solution to the company’s operations

A road map is a suitable tool for many different cases, which can be used to:

  • Examine the current situation of the company in relation to what kind of future we are aiming for
  • Where we are today
  • Where we want to be in the future

You can start filling in the road map here: https://distancelab.eu/roadmap-for-digital-business-advantage/
and Digital Solution Cost Calculator here: https://distancelab.eu/expence-calculator/
You can save your material as pdf for later use.

After using the tools, you can give feedback to leni.forsberg@centria.fi.