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Let the testing begin!

11 March 2024
Test&Talk event was a very intensive two days online event representing the tools developed during the first year of the DistanceLAB project. As our theme is remote work and services, we ended up trying this with a massive event with workshop sessions for each tool. All the partners prepared their workshop and interacted with the total of 175 participants online.
Technical details


Highlights of the event reflections

Today sustainability is a competitive advantage. Remote work can prove to be sustainable with less travel and with possibly less physical materials etc. Remote work, travelling less, can actually open up more international opportunities virtually, as working online makes the world smaller. It opens up new recruiting/working opportunities and a chance to broaden the curriculum with e.g. giving speeches or lectures to a remarkably more versatile or bigger audiences.

As in face to face communication, also in remote work soft interaction skills are need. When the working community is hybrid, or part of the staff works remotely and part onsite, the whole personnel has to be aware of the importance of the special aspects of soft skills in remote work. Also those working in distance need to receive and give empathy, sense of belonging, acceptance and even playfulness. Remotely there is a chance to “disappear” in the meeting, and at distance it is easier to feel alone. If you do not see reactions, facial expressions or any “corridor chit-chat, it is harder to feel connected.

Remote learning skills, cyber security and new digital skills relate to doing business also remotely. For remote work to succeed, people have to be safely connected online, and that is why cyber security is a decisive issue to consider. But only if you feel also mentally connected and supported can you fully thrive in the remote working world.

That is why already the recruitment phase is important. How do the employment seekers feel about the company? Do they feel like they could relate to the team? Do the SME’s know how to be active to potential employees?

What next?

After the DistanceLAB pilot release event it is now time to make the right organisations and people meet the partners and tools that are necessary and interesting to them. Identifying and contacting the correct target groups is the hard core knowledge of the DistanceLAB partners. For the businesses time is precious. New skills would be essential to keep up, and it is about finding a balance in using time to learning skills or software that will eventually save time or resources. The DistanceLAB tools are free for the companies to use for saving time and money.

If you want to test the tools related to sustainability or digital and eco-audits, follow this link.

Here you can find the tools about interaction, open innovation, remote learning and networking.

Among the tools there are many practical methods for tackling customer relationship building, cybersecurity, internationalization, recruitment, employee satisfaction and digitalization. Have them a go through this link!

Let the testing begin!