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Sustainability review and development pilots: How to participate

16 January 2024
Here is a brief about our Sustainability review and development pilots ready to tested during 2024. Information will be added and the material will be edited along the way.
Technical details

Below you find the tools and how to test them. Welcome to participate DistanceLAB pilots!

Digital and eco-audits

The purpose of this tool – to enable a company to independently assess its current management practices and to provide recommendations for further improvement in integrating more digital and sustainable actions into its operations. The tool is an online questionnaire/check list, that investigates strategy, supply chain, innovation etc. and as a result it gives a spiderweb and a set of recommendations.

Business self-assessment consists of 3 sets of questions: eco-efficiency, digitalization and  digitalization for eco-efficiency. Each section is considered from the point of view of strategy, training and skills, investment, technologies and innovations, role in digitalization ecosystem, data management and cyber security.

There are 17 questions in total and 85 answer options, grouped according to 5 levels of advancement (from lagging to leading). Based on answer options, different set of recommendations are predefined and several visuals prepared. Piloting is expected to be done remotely. On site part will be organized on the premises of each partner responsible for EDC piloting.

You can find the tool here: Eco-Digital-Check

For more information: contact k.kuzmarskyte@lic.lt.

Design for sustainability


Be prepared to assess and design sustainable business model! Practice-oriented view on business transformation needs based on sustainability aspects. Self-assessment tool for social, environmental, and economic aspects of the business model. Each dimension is further divided into four levels: organization, stakeholders, local and international. The digital tool is modular, a user can also choose to focus on one dimension (social, environmental, economic) at a time. As a result, the user gets a report and recommendations for further actions.

In the same package you get also a creative strategy tool for sustainable business modeling. It emphasizes the creative and unique side of developing business models. It is a visual canvas that has seven main areas to be discussed by entrepreneurs or strategic and operational management groups in organizations.

The tool is available here: Design for sustainability

How to participate: Take a digital test or ask for a tailored workshop for an organization by e-mailing heidi.myyrylainen@lab.fi

This tool is specifically developed to assist designing sustainability in remote work and services. We believe your organization could benefit from its capabilities and, more importantly, your feedback is crucial to refine and enhance the tool to direction that serves virtual firms and organizations in designing sustainability. We are committed to develop contents and methods that work for firms and organizations and we need feedback and ideas!