Baltic Offshore Wind Energy to Hydrogen
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PROGRAMME 2021-2027
3 Climate-neutral societies
3.2 Energy transition
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Small Project
October 2022 - September 2024


The project BOWE2H connects authorities, policy-makers, researchers, manufacturers and other experts to co-create a roadmap for a joint offshore wind and hydrogen energy system in the region.
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With a potential of 93 GW (BEMIP) in the Baltic Sea, offshore wind energy could be the foundation for a secure, future-oriented, green regional energy system. But as isolated offshore wind and hydrogen projects are slowly developing, a transnational network and perspective to unite local governments, developers, grid experts, researchers, manufacturers and policy-makers is lacking. These stakeholders need access to regional knowledge and to their expert counterparts from other countries to increase understanding and capacity to act transnationally. BOWE2H answers this need with a stakeholder network that hosts six regional expert events, and co-creatively produces a Strategic Roadmap for Regional Offshore Wind and Hydrogen Development. The kick-off -and the final conference will be virtual, and four national events (including co-creative workshops) will be held in the uprising markets for offshore wind in the Baltic Sea, i.e., Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany. The event network will enhance stakeholder capacity to act by providing them with an understanding of the necessary policy, grid, investment and research framework for offshore wind and hydrogen project development, and by connecting them with other stakeholders for further cooperation. The Roadmap, built from a meta study, interviews with expert stakeholders at the national events, results from the co-creative workshops, will contain an infographic summary to be distributed to the project stakeholders and beyond.

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Lead partnerIKEM - Institute for Climate protection, Energy and Mobility
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Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments
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German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation
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Energy Agency for Southern Sweden
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Polish Wind Energy Association
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No upcoming events
    Offshore wind and hydrogen in Poland: future or myth
    Project: BOWE2H
    Physical Meeting
    29. September 2023
    09:30 - 16:00 (CEST)
    Offshore wind and hydrogen in Germany: national and transnational innovation
    Project: BOWE2H
    Physical Meeting
    22. May 2023
    13:00 - 18:00 (CEST)
    BOWE2H Kick-off event: Regional offshore wind and green hydrogen in the Baltic Sea
    Project: BOWE2H
    Virtual Meeting
    14. February 2023
    09:00 - 12:00 (CET)


      BOWE2H Germany event

      BOWE2H Germany event 05/2023 (11 images)

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      Andreas Mummert (German Offshore Wind Foundation) talked about Germany's goals and plans
      Dr Joyce von Marschall (RWE) described the environment for developers in the Baltic Sea
      Dr Paul Nahmmacher (50Hertz) spoke about how offshore wind expansion affects the power grid
      Nicolas Heyn (Taprogge GmbH) discussed water processing in the generation of hydrogen.
      The attendees hailed from a broad range of organisations from Germany and beyond
      The co-creative exercise involved the audience in defining challenges and solutions
      Anika Nicolaas Ponder and Dàmir Belltheus Avdic of IKEM moderated the event


      • BOWE2H Kick-Off Event introduction
        Introduction to the BOWE2H project by Anika Nicolaas Ponder, Head of the Climate & Innovation Department at IKEM
      • BOWE2H Kick-Off: The energy market in the Baltic Sea region, policy and vision of the EU
        Description of the EU's policy and vision for the energy market in the BSR by Anca-Iulia Cimpeanu, Deputy Head of Unit at the Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission
      • BOWE2H Kick-Off: Offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea, from potential to reality
        Presentation of WindEurope's vision for the development of offshore wind in the Baltic Sea by Mattia Cecchinato, Senior Advisor Offshore Wind at WindEurope
      • BOWE2H Kick-Off: Green hydrogen and offshore wind in the North Sea
        Presentation of lessons on offshore wind and green hydrogen from the North Sea by Meiko Neumann, CEO of cruh21
      • BOWE2H Kick-Off: The Estonia-Latvia cross-border offshore wind farm ELWIND
        Presentation on the cross-border wind farm ELWIND by Tõnn Tuvikene, Project Manager at the Estonian Environmental Investment Centre
      • BOWE2H Kick-Off: Baltic Energy Island
        Description of the plans for Bornholm as a prototype Baltic Energy Island by Søren Møller Christensen, Interim CEO of Baltic Energy Island
      • BOWE2H Berlin event introduction
        Introduction to the BOWE2H project and the Berlin event by Dàmir Belltheus Avdic, Deputy Head of the Climate & Innovation Department at IKEM
      • BOWE2H Berlin event: 2030 and beyond in Germany
        Presentation of Germany's offshore wind and hydrogen plans and goals for 2030 and beyond by Andreas Mummert, Head of Political Affairs at the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation
      • BOWE2H Berlin event: Offshore wind energy in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
        Description of the current state and future plans for offshore wind energy in the German federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern by Olaf Fiesel, Head of the Renewable Energy, Infrastructure Spatial Planning Issues, Transport and Energy Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
      • BOWE2H Berlin event: Maritime spatial planning and offshore wind
        Perspective on the maritime spatial planning perspective on the ongoing and future offshore wind power expansion in the Baltic Sea by Ulrich Scheffler of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency
      • BOWE2H Berlin event: Industry perspective on offshore expansion goals
        Briefing on offshore wind power developers' view of Germany's plans and goals by Dr Joyce von Marschall of RWE Renewables
      • BOWE2H Berlin event: "Green" water for green hydrogen
        Presentation about the techniques related to water in the production of green hydrogen by Nicolas Heyn of Taprogge GmbH
      • BOWE2H Berlin event: Transnational projects and interconnectors in the Baltic Sea
        View on the international aspects of the offshore wind power expansion in the Baltic Sea by Dr Paul Nahmmacher from the grid operator 50Hertz
      • BOWE2H Berlin event: Green hydrogen, heat, and carbon-free electricity HH2E
        Presentation on green hydrogen production and distribution plans and facilities by Dr Ina Hahndorf of HH2E