Offshore wind and hydrogen developments in Lithuania and Latvia

Project: BOWE2H
Physical Meeting
The third in-person event of BOWE2H will take a closer look at developments in the Baltic States!


Organised as part of the BOWE2H project, the Offshore Wind and Hydrogen conference in Vilnius is a pivotal event which introduces the Baltic States' journey towards energy security and independence.

The coming years will see a breakthrough in the Baltic States' renewable energy landscape. The energy sector is bound to evolve thanks to upcoming innovations linked to offshore wind and hydrogen techniques and strategies.  Before the end of the decade, multiple offshore wind projects will be commissioned across the Baltic Sea Region, contributing a cumulative total of 6-8 GW to the region's energy generation capacity.

Participants in this event will get the latest lowdown on energy highlights in Latvia and Lithuania, hear all about the Baltic States' pursuit of energy independence, and have the opportunity to engage with representatives of policymaking entities, private-sector enterprises, local authorities, developers, experts and other stakeholders.


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