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Partner experience from the Pilot action “Test&Talk!”

12 April 2024
As DistanceLAB is all about remote work and remote services, we ended up organising our pilot release event also online. It was a massive two days with workshops and presentations to kick off our pilot testing period. For many partners this was the first occasion to showcase the pilot tool for larger audience.
Technical details

This is how the Polish partner RRDA describes the Test&Talk experience:

“The essence of our pilot action was to present and find out the audience’s opinion on the educational module “Building customer relationships in online business” developed by RRDA. It was the first public presentation, that is way it was an exciting challenge!

 The presentation included a lot of activation material, videos, audience questions and knowledge tests. The whole session was full of educational content presented humorously. Despite some technical difficulties with the Internet connection, it was successful. We learned that overcoming difficulties when working in a group, with training audiences, is an adventure and a valuable lesson.

Comments were very positive. Participants felt that the modules addressed current issues and challenges in virtual business.

Tip – our learning materials need to be more colourful and include more graphics to help visual learning.

It is necessary to exchange information between partners on the progress of the pilots in order to gather feedback and improve the tool on an ongoing basis.”

For finding out more about the Customer relationship online -tool, contact: aziemiakowicz@rarr.rzeszow.pl or click the link below.