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Communication and Innovation pilots: How to participate

16 January 2024
Here is a brief about our Communication and Innovation pilots ready to tested during 2024. Information will be added and the material will be edited along the way.
Technical details

Below you find the tools and how to test them. Welcome to participate DistanceLAB pilots!

DIS assessment and development tool


Would you like test your remote soft interaction skills at the individual level or your views to the co-creation capabilities at the organizational level?

At the indidual level, you can assess your skills covering 14 catogories, for example contextual awareness, agency and emotional intelligence. At the organizational level, you can evaluate your organization´s co-creation capabilities at 6 levels, for example, relations with stakeholders, communication competences or organizational identification.

DIS Individual

There is also material available for developing remote soft interaction skills and co-creation skills as an individual or an organization.

DIS Organization

Test the tool online or book a tailored workshop for your organization: heidi.myyrylainen@lab.fi

How to give feedback: The feedback will be collected from all test users.

Open Innovation methods

IUC Norr

Transforming Challenges into Innovative Ideas with Feedback from Cross-Industry Companies: Business Lab is a process wherein you have the opportunity to collaboratively develop ideas with other organizations from various industries. The process is founded upon the principles of open innovation. Participants are subdivided into smaller groups that convene on a regular basis. During each meeting, our efforts will be grounded in the circumstances of one of the involved companies.

Meetings last 2-2,5h each time. After the workshops, you are asked to give feedback about the tool.

Have a look at the concept canvas and the process description.

For participating these workshops, contact: emina.kovacevic@iucnorr.se

Remote learning opportunities and skills fulfillment


The idea is to offer micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises a chance to improve their skills in digital tools and technologies. Online learning courses/webinars, possibility of using MS Learning Platform, information about the business development programs that MS offers for start-ups and SMEs, analysed information about additional learning opportunities offered by online platforms.

We create and provide a description and user manual for each MS service. Also information on other distance learning services providers is collected. There is information on benefits for entrepreneurs from exploiting remote business development services and learning opportunities provided by Microsoft. The emphasis will be on services for SMEs and learning opportunities provided free of charge.

Coursera online learning platform

EIT Digital Platform

Elements of AI Learning Platform

Microsoft Azure

MS Copilot for MS 365

MS for Startups Founders Hub

MS Learn Learning Platform

For more information contact: dviitolss@gmail.com.

Networking methods

Tech-Park Kaunas

This pilot will test a comprehensive methodology for conducting four types of online networking events. This methodology stands out for its efficiency and systematic approach, making it easier for organizations to organize such events.

The networking events cover a range of interactions: large companies connecting with startups, enterprises engaging with university researchers, inter-company networking, and more casual interactions among entrepreneurs, researchers, business support organization representatives, and aspiring entrepreneurs. These events are designed to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas across different sectors and levels of experience.

The methodology for each event is meticulously crafted, beginning with a concise description of the event’s concept. It includes a detailed step-by-step action plan covering the pre-event preparations, activities during the event, and post-event follow-up. Additionally, the methodology provides examples of tools that can be either directly implemented or modified to suit specific event concepts. This structured approach ensures that each networking event is not only well-organized but also tailored to achieve its unique objectives, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of these collaborative interactions.

The feedback about events will be collected as an online survey and further interpreted for the improvement of the methodology.

In spring – fall 2024 those interested in networking are invited to participate in piloting events. Representatives from three countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Norway will participate, but everyone from Baltic Sea region is invited.

For more information contact irma.bagdoniene@techpark.lt (Tech-Park Kaunas, Lithuania).

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