Circular FoodShift in the Baltic countries
Circular FoodShift

Building “circular economy for food” models

16 February 2024
Circular food systems: from linear to circular. The question we need to answer is: can a circular food system be the solution? 
Technical details

As a start, one needs to understand what a circular economy for food means in practice in order to go from intent to action.
Our first webinar is just about that, with Laura Scherer, the founder of Circu:Culture. This webinar will be the first out of many more episodes to come.



Our second episode is about reducing food waste in school canteens. Presenter Niina Sundin from the LOWINFOOD project. She is a PhD Candidate at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
This webinar is the second out of many more episodes to come, each with topics relevant to our Circular FoodShift project.