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Networking services

09 June 2023
The general idea is to test several networking services available on the hub developed within WP1. The pilot will include following steps : Open call for participating in a set of networking events; Implementation of activities/events, Investigation of the results, A survey, Adjustment of the service concept and events’ methodologies, Feedback
Technical details

The Networking services within the Distance LAB include a comprehensive methodology for conducting four types of online/hybrid networking events for the key project’s target group – SMEs. This methodology stands out for its efficiency and systematic approach, making it easier for organizations to organize such events.

The networking events cover a range of interactions: large companies connecting with startups, enterprises engaging with university researchers, inter-company networking, and more casual interactions among entrepreneurs, researchers, business support organization representatives, and aspiring entrepreneurs. These events are designed to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas across different sectors and levels of experience.

The methodology for each event is meticulously crafted, beginning with a concise description of the event’s concept. It includes a detailed step-by-step action plan covering the pre-event preparations, activities during the event, and post-event follow-up. Additionally, the methodology provides examples of tools that can be either directly implemented or modified to suit specific event concepts. This structured approach ensures that each networking event is not only well-organized but also tailored to achieve its unique objectives, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of these collaborative interactions.

In spring – autumn 2024 those interested in networking are invited to participate in piloting events. Representatives from three countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Norway will participate, but everyone from Baltic sea region is invited.

For more information contact irma.bagdoniene@techpark.lt (Tech-Park Kaunas, Lithuania).

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