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Cyber Security in Remote

12 June 2023
DistanceLab-project will develop a cyber security tool that will be useful for all the organisations that have remote workers and for those who want to digitalize the businesses. This pilot will be developed together with SME´s and public sector to find the best practices.
Technical details

DistanceLAB-project aims to develop tools that enhance stakeholders’ resilience and adaptability by improving their skills in remote activities. With the increasing digitalization and remote work, the risks of data leaks and cyber-attacks are heightened. Therefore, cyber security awareness and data security skills are integral components of every organization’s risk management and resilience.

This tool will be particularly useful for SMEs and the public sector. The challenge lies in the fact that cyber security risks vary depending on the industry and the size of the organization. That’s why we need to engage in discussions with various stakeholders in order to develop a tool that can be utilized by individuals and organizations.

You will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops where current cyber threats will be discussed, engage in discussions with experts, and share best practices. You have a unique chance to be involved in an EU-funded project, where you can share your ideas and learn from others.

Participating in the cybersecurity pilot has been made easy for businesses, as all you need is your valuable insights and a little bit of time. You can share your expertise and thoughts on cybersecurity in discussions with other participants, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in the field without major resource requirements.

Checklist for employer

Checklist for a remote worker

Checklist for a provider of digital services

Safe remote work practices

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