5 April 2022

Celebrating first applications submitted in the new Programme!


Written by Anna Gałyga

People with smart ideas on how to make the Baltic Sea region more innovative, water-smart and climate-neutral moved into action. They submitted as many as 42 applications in the first call for applications for small projects.​
Small steps for a big change

Thanks to the new instrument of a small project, partnerships, can more easily explore the invaluable benefits of transnational cooperation. Small projects are a fine tool to help keeping networks, respond to unpredictable challenges while building trust and staying close to citizens. With an easier structure, shorter timeframes and a smaller budget, small projects work as a good testing ground for Interreg.

Insights into the applications

In the first call for applications for small projects, the applicants submitted 42 applications that cover all seven Programme objectives. The highest interest attracted the objective on Resilient economies and communities (Priority: Innovative societies), then Sustainable waters (Priority: Water-smart societies) and Energy transition (Priority: Climate-neutral societies).

The applicants successfully involved almost 230 organisations from all Programme area countries. As many as 41% of all organisations have not worked with Interreg before. We are happy to see such a high interest in cooperating across borders for the benefit of the region.

The organisations that most often took the role of a lead applicant are education and research organisations (17) as well as local, regional and national public authorities (14). In addition, a fine share of partners represents enterprises and business support organisations, and non-governmental and international governmental organisations.

In support of macro-regional governance all steps for a big change

The Programme helps advance cooperation governance in the region by supporting the coordination and communication of actors involved in the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The calls for applications under priority 4.2 Macro-regional governance brought in a set of applications from the EUSBSR policy area coordinators as well as organisations interested in setting up a new Strategy point for the EUSBSR.

Next steps

Now, all small project applications are undergoing the process of admissibility check and assessment. Then, the Monitoring Committee of the new Programme will select the best project ideas for implementation. This is expected to take place in June, soon after the new Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027 Programme is officially adopted by the European Commission.

Applicants who submitted their project idea forms (PIFs) for core projects, another type of funding instrument offered by the Programme, are invited to submit their full applications not later than 26 April (16:00 CET). After that, the admissibility check and assessment will also follow.

In order to offer fresh EU funding to other people with smart ideas willing to cooperate across borders, the Programme is planning to open new calls for applications already in the autumn this year.

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