Partner meeting and study visit in Trondheim, Norway

Project: We make transition!
Virtual Meeting & Physical Meeting
We make transition! partners and several associated organisations will meet in Trondheim


We make transition! partner meeting will be organised in Trondheim in November 2024. Several WMT! change agents and associated organisations will also take part in the meeting. The aim of the meeting is to exchange experiences on the piloted transition arena processes that are implemented in 12 locations during 2024. The meeting includes also thematic discussions.

Also a study visit to "Svartlamon" will be organised. Svartlamon is a unique urban district in Trondheim focused on ecological practices, social equity, and a vibrant creative culture. Svartlamon serves as a model for community-led initiatives that promote alternative and sustainable ways of living. Read more from our case studies!


13 November 9-17

8.45-9.15 Registration

9.15-9.30 Welcome to Trondheim

9.30-10.00 Overview on project and key issues related to evaluation, communication and dissemination of arena stories, publications, manual (Johanna and DD Foundation)

10.00-10.30 Networking

10.30-11.00 Coffee Break and networking

11.00-12.15 WMT! change agents present results and experiences from local transition arenas

12.15-13.30 LUNCH

13.30-14.45 (-15.00) Division in small groups divided in these topics: 1) circular and sharing economy, 2) agriculture and food, 3) sustainable lifestyle and biodiversity

The groups will get few questions to discuss mainly related to the experiences, added value, learnings and utilization& dissemination results of arenas

14.30-15.15 Coffee break with an opportunity to continue discussion in small group

15.15-16.30 Change agents present results and experiences from local transition arenas, relevant partners support

16.30--- What will happen next and programme of next day

14 November 9-14

9-10.45 Study visit to Svartlamon: presentation of the Svartlamon story (city representative & civil society representative: interesting story of a “radical” civil society movement that developed as an valuable expert and partner cooperating closely with the city), discussion

10.45-12 Walking around the area

12.30-14 LUNCH at Lamomat


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