Towards sustainable and resilient societies through empowered civil society and collaborative innovation
We make transition!

Get inspired by case studies on civil society making sustainability transition!

26 April 2024
We collected a variety of inspiring success stories from six Baltic Sea region countries!
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We make transition! project engages local authorities, civil society actors and business in co-creative processes to enhance cooperation for eco-social sustainability. One of the core aims is to improve understanding of the role and added value of active civil society for sustainability.

We collected a punch of incredibly inspiring case studies related to social sustainability, circular economy, biodiversity, sustainable food and lifestyle from the Baltic Sea region. You can read about them in this publication:


The case studies provide an outlook on the power of civil society initiatives and reveal the fundamental value of active civil society for social innovations and sustainability. At the same time, the case studies show how crucial the pioneering role of civil society in enhancing sustainability can be. They are about the power of creative people that can make real transition by enabling the way to others – fostering the alternative, sustainable ways of doing things.

All case studies are widely respected examples of people who act according to their values and persistently strive for good communication and cooperation with the public sector and other stakeholders. This requires openness, listening skills and active role of the public authorities as well. Some cases have turned into business or projects from which people can make their living.

This publication gathers the best examples from six Baltic Sea region countries. We hope that it raises discussion, learning and respect among transnational cooperators, national, regional and local authorities, decisionmakers, civil society & business actors and the general public.

Enjoy it & get inspired!