Online Change(K)Now! project presentation event

Project: Change(K)now!
Virtual event
Online Change(K)Now! project presentation event in Lithuania


On 22nd April 2024, the online Change(K)Now! project presentation event took place. Change(K)now! aims to change the perspective on food delivery systems by transitioning from single-use to multi-use variously adaptable utensils and packaging. Therefore, the organizer ECAT began the event with a presentation on the single-use plastic problems, legal regulatory solutions, and what actions local government institutions, businesses, and the public can take. The project itself was presented including its overall activities, as well as the planned measures to be implemented in the Anykščiai municipality in Lithuania.

Representatives from the Anykščiai and Utena district municipalities, as well as representatives from catering companies and the public in Anykščiai, representatives from the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania (21 participants in total) attended the event.

Throughout the event, participants actively engaged in discussions about the future activities and results of the project, posing relevant questions. The discussions about emerging issues and challenges will continue at the first stakeholder seminar, which it´s scheduled to take place in Anykščiai, Lithuania, on 8th May 8th 2024.


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Project: Change(K)now!
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