Katriina Haikala (Finland) webinar “How to Communicate Creative Skills to Professionals Outside the Realm of Art and Culture?”

Project: CCI4Change
Virtual event


Creative and Cultural sector practitioner skill-building events in Jūrmala, Riga and online will provide opportunity to build skills and prepare for the upcoming “Switch on Kauguri” innovation open call worth 9900 EUR. Register here.

The aim of the third (online) seminar is to expand the possibilities of work of the seminar participants into more cross-collaborative settings with professionals from other fields such as sectors of technology, wellbeing, sustainability goals together with city/municipality authorities or other industries in more wide). It will take place on 24 April, 18.00-19.00, at the Zoom platform.

This dynamic 45-minute webinar is tailored for professionals working in the arts and culture eager to leverage their unique talents beyond traditional artistic realms. Please note, that the event requires registration. The event will be held in English, it is free of charge and everyone interested is welcome to join, but the participant count is limited and the registration will be closed when the maximum participant count will be reached.

In this session the participants will delve into two pivotal areas aimed at empowering their professional journey:

  1. Skills Recognition and Description:

The art of identifying and articulating your diverse skill set with clarity and confidence is achieved through interactive exercises and guided self-reflection. Participants will learn how to pinpoint their own strengths, competencies, and unique abilities. We will uncover hidden talents and gain insight into effectively translating our artistic and creative skills into a language accessible to collaborators, partners, or clients from diverse backgrounds beyond the realms of art and culture.

  1. Communicating Skills and Expertise Beyond the Fields of Art and Culture:

Effective collaboration and partnerships often require bridging the gap between the language of art and the vernacular of other industries. In this webinar, we will explore strategies for communicating your expertise to potential collaborators from fields outside of art and culture. From refining our message to adapting your portfolio for different audiences, this segment will equip you with the tools to effectively convey the value of your artistic and creative skills in any professional setting.

About the coach:

KATRIINA HAIKALA is a visionary visual artist with a 15-year career at the intersection of art social engagement and coaching. With an impressive track record, Katriina Haikala has created a significant impact through her art projects and coaching expertise. Throughout her career, Haikala has seamlessly integrated her artistic practice with social causes, utilizing the power of art to incite change. Her socially engaged approach has not only captivated audiences but has also caught the attention of international media, propelling her work to a global stage.

Katriina Haikala has exhibited her thought-provoking creations and worked closely with esteemed art institutions across over a dozen countries, transcending borders and cultures to connect with diverse audiences. Her ability to forge deep connections with collaborators is unparalleled, fostering meaningful interactions that have grown into long lasting partnerships.

Beyond her artistic accomplishments, Katriina Haikala has successfully coached numerous private clients and hundreds of leaders and managers in organizations. Her expertise in guiding individuals and teams towards personal and professional growth has left a lasting impact, enabling others to unlock their full potential. Katriina has a Bachelor degree in art education and is an EMCC certified Systemic Team Coach® and Life Coach.

You can find more information about Katriina:




The project events in Latvia are facilitated by the project’s lead partner NDPC – an intergovernmental organisation with secretariat located in Riga. The events are organised together with project partner Jurmala Municipality and facilitated by Marta Kontina (Story Hub).

80% of “CCI4Change: Facilitation of Citizens Energy Consumption Behavioural Change in BS Cities and Municipalities” budget is Interreg BSR co-funded with the remaining 20% coming from the project partners.

Information about the project and the event series here.


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