Hybrid discussion with energy expert Rustan Nilsson (Sweden) “Problematic energy consumption” with follow-up discussion in Latvian

Project: CCI4Change
Physical Meeting
  • Date & Time
    18. April 2024
    13:30 - 15:30 (EET)
  • Organiser
    Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture


Creative and Cultural sector practitioner skill-building events in Jūrmala, Riga and online will provide opportunity to build skills and prepare for the upcoming “Switch on Kauguri” innovation open call worth 9900 EUR. Register here.

Third workshop Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture co-organises with project partner STPLN (creative incubator located in Malmö, Sweden) and aims to bridge the gap between artistic work and environmental change, empowering you to navigate the intricate intersection of creativity and sustainability.

How can you, as a creative, engage in challenges related to the environment, sustainability, and climate? While having a firm grasp of your artistic and creative processes, here is an opportunity to delve into the issue of energy consumption.

The event is designed to benefit arts, culture and creative professionals who want to engage in sustainable development through their work, as well as public authorities and experts who are connected to matters of energy consumption.

Rustan Nilsson, an inspiring environmental educator at SySav (a garbage disposal company), will provide you with the in-depth knowledge about energy consumption and the real challenges associated with it that you need to create a compelling project for the CCI4change call.

We will gather at Elektrum energoefektivitātes centrs (Jomas iela 4, Jūrmala) to commonly listen to Rustan Nilsson’s input from Sweden (held in English) and then commonly discuss and reflect on what we have just heard.

13:30-14:00 Opening of the event, introduction

14:00-15:00 Keynote by Rustan Nilsson

15:00-15:30 Discussion

Please note, that all events need registration. Project events in Latvia are organised  by the project’s lead partner NDPC – an intergovernmental organisation with secretariat located in Riga. This event is facilitated by project partner Jurmala municipality.

Information about the project and the event series here.

80% of “CCI4Change: Facilitation of Citizens Energy Consumption Behavioural Change in BS Cities and Municipalities” budget is Interreg BSR co-funded with the remaining 20% coming from the project partners.

Project is implemented by Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (lead partner, the Secretariat located in Latvia); Jurmala Local Government Administration (Latvia); the City of Kotka (Finland); Scania Region (Sweden); Cursor Oy: Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company (Finland); Föreningen Stapelbädden/STPLN (Sweden) and South – Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Ltd (Xamk) (Finland).


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