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WMT! webinars - recordings available

27 April 2023
We make transition! project have organised a series of webinars on sustainability transitions, role of civil society, transition management and alternative economy models.
Technical details

The webinar on 25 April provided an outlook on dimensions of sustainability transitions and perspectives on the role of civil society. The main speaker was Tomas Moe Skjølsvold from Norwegian University of Science and Technology with a commentary by Sampsa Hyysalo from Aalto University, Finland. The webinar included also interesting civil society cases from Norway and Finland.

Recording of the webinar “What is the role of civil society in making sustainability transition? Cases from Norway and Finland”.

The webinar on 9 May introduced the transition arena method by Derk Loorbach, Dutch Research Institute of Transitions – DRIFT and provided examples how the method has been used in Finland by Jani Lukkarinen, Finnish Environment Institute.

Recording of the webinar “Transition arena as a tool of participatory governance”

The webinar on 25 May introduced the logic behind alternative economy models, especially the concept of wellbeing economy with some concrete examples. The main speakers of the webinar were Katherine Trebeck, Wellbeing Economy Alliance and Sarah McKinley, Community Wealth Building Program.

Recording of the webinar “How to adopt alternative economy models to develop a wellbeing society?”