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The impact of various types of pollutants on the purity of lakes

20 March 2023
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The Foundation for the Protection of the Great Masurian Lakes organized a conference in Ekomarina in Giżycko entitled “The impact of various types of pollutants on the purity of lakes”.

The conference was held as part of the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region program. It was attended by representatives of local government authorities and representatives of research circles. The meeting was an opportunity to realize that even greater concern and awareness of the society is needed about the threat of various types of pollution to lakes, in particular microplastics. More and more plastic has been produced in the last years. Its uncontrolled disposal is problematic as they remain in the environment for a very long time.

The conclusion of the conference was that our lakes are not in such good condition as we think, many of them have a moderate degree of purity. We and the next generations must really approach the matter seriously if we want to enjoy the resources of our beautiful and charming lakes in the land of the Great Masurian Lakes for some time.