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The focus of the third real-time economy conference in Tallinn was on sustainability

06 December 2023
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On November 30, the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications hosted the third Real-Time Economy Conference in Tallinn, bringing together thought leaders, experts, and professionals to delve into the topics of corporate sustainability and personal state. The conference aimed to provide a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing information, and inspire innovative approaches. Nearly 20 distinguished speakers took the stage, offering valuable insights into the intersection of data, sustainability, and cooperation between the state and private enterprises.

One of the key presentations by Chairman of the Board of Ragn-Sells AS Kai Realo explored the multifaceted implications of ESG. Realo delved into the challenges and opportunities of aligning business practices with environmental, social, and corporate governance standards.

Sirli Heinsoo, Head of Real-Time Economy at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, shed light on the collaborative efforts of the state to streamline reporting obligations for entrepreneurs. This presentation provided insights into how regulatory processes can be made more efficient and entrepreneur-friendly through cooperation between the state and the entrepreneurs.

Alar Valdmann, Project Manager of the Estonian Ministry of Climate, explored the significance of data-driven waste reporting. This presentation delved into how data can be harnessed to optimize waste management processes and enhance environmental sustainability.

Sulev Tõkke, Project Manager of the Estonian Environmental Board, discussed the future of water reporting, emphasizing the seamless integration of data with water management practices. This session explored innovative approaches to water resource management and conservation.

Eva Liina Kliiman, Advisor of the Equality Policy Department of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, presented a digital solution for the salary mirror that leverages technology to address issues related to pay equity and fairness.

The conference concluded with a panel discussion that proposed a question “Who Creates a Sustainable and Personal State?”. The panelists included key figures from both the public and private sectors, such as Aire Rihe, Adviser on Green Reform of the Ministry of Climate, Sandra Särav, Vice-Chancellor of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, AS Alexela CEO Aivo Adamson, and Radius Machining Board Member and Partner Veljo Konnimois.

From both the public and private sectors’ sides, ESG and the implementation of it were the main topics of the panel. The private sector´s biggest scare is the big administrative burden that might come with the ESG. At the time, the public sector´s representatives confirmed that their main goal is to make the implementation of ESG as convenient as possible, keeping in mind the scope of ESG and all the possibilities that the real-time economy can offer us.

More information about the conference can be found here.