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Green Tiger Members Seek Clarity at Ministry of Finance's Information Day on CSRD and ESRS

25 March 2024
Technical details

On March 14, nearly 50 representatives of member organizations of an Estonian cross-sector collaboration platform the Green Tiger attended the Information Day hosted by the Estonian Ministry of Finance.

The purpose of the Information Day was to provide answers regarding CSRD and ESRS. 

The presentations addressed the root causes of sustainability reporting, the content of standards, the assessment of double materiality, the audit process of reports, and details of machine-readable format. 

The presentations were given by Ele Praks (Sustool project manager), Marika Taal (Audit Advisor at the Estonian Ministry of Finance), and Karina Rao (Machine-Readable Sustainability Reporting Project Manager).

The Green Tiger is a cross-sector collaboration platform started in 2020, the purpose of which is to devise, teach, and implement a plan for a balanced economy.