Innovative Strategies for Public Catering: the Expansion of the Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit

Promotion of the StratKIT+ project and the Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit in Poland

19 December 2023
StratKIT+ partner Municipality of Rybnik has been promoting the StratKIT+ project to several different stakeholders in Poland during the fall 2023. The city has been actively participating for example to national conferences related to Interreg programs.
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Municipality of Rybnik has been an active partner in the StratKIT+ project and the city has been great example to other municipalities when it comes to participating to the Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects and sharing knowledge and experiences between other public meal stakeholders.

Monika Kubisz, the public officer from Municipality of Rybnik has been presenting the StratKIT+ project in several national conferences organized in Poland during the fall 2023. On October 10th 2023 the annual Conference on Interreg programs 2021-2027 in the Silesian Voivodeship was held in Katowice. The conference aimed to expand knowledge about European Territorial Cooperation programs among potential applicants. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy and the Joint Secretariats of cross-border programs in Olomouc and Krakow. Kubisz highlighted that the conferences have been a great opportunity to promote the expanded Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit, present new selected SPMT+ tools and encourage Silesian municipalities and other organizations to apply for the Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects.

On 21st of November 2023, the StratKIT+ project was also presented in the Local challenges, international solutions themed Conference organized in Katowice, Poland by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy. The conference was part of a campaign promoting the Interreg Central Europe, Interreg Europe and Interreg Baltic Sea Region programs. The conference was attended by over 230 participants who had the opportunity to learn what European Territorial Cooperation is and what benefits it can bring to local communities.

Municipality of Rybnik has been implementing the toolkit together with their local stakeholders. Four tools that were selected for the expansion of the sustainable public meal toolkit were produced by the municipality: 1. Community Gardening for Sustainable Food Education, 2. Campaign to drink tap water, 3. Organizing social kitchens and 4. Organizing safety zones to reduce risk of infection. Addition to producing and implementing these tools, partners in Rybnik have been also testing a tool produced by the Medical University of Silesia called “Improving dietary competencies among employees of educational care centers”.

Videos produced by Municipality of Rybnik can be found from BSR website under the section “videos”. The short informative videos provide practical examples about the successful tap water campaign and social kitchens that help fight the food waste while providing healthy and warm meals for the local citizens.

More information about the actions implemented in Municipality of Rybnik, please contact:

Monika Kubisz

Public Officer, Municipality of Rybnik