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PV4All event: Potential of second-hand PV modules

27 October 2023
PV4All has set itself the goal of finding innovative solutions to give more people access to the clean energy of photovoltaics. With this in mind, the project team organised an online event on 14th of September to find out more about \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'second-hand photovoltaics\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' - a topic that met with a great response.
Technical details

During the event, our guest speaker from the company 2NDLIFESOLAR discussed the opportunities of second-hand photovoltaic systems. In the spirit of the EU’s circular economy approach, a major advantage of this concept is the economic use of an electrical appliance that is declared as waste elsewhere.

Particularly impressive was the disclosure of the high quality standards applied in the selection of the modules, before using them again. Despite the elaborate check-up of all modules, the costs compared to new products are around 50%, which makes second-hand photovoltaics particularly attractive.

Especially in Germany, where the demand for balcony power plants is high, these modules prove to be an excellent solution. The low prices and quality assurance make them the ideal choice for private households looking for sustainable energy solutions.

The PV4All event provided all participants with exciting insights and stimulated reflection on how to use this knowledge in their partner regions. We are confident that these insights will help facilitate access to small-scale photovoltaic energy, contributing to sustainability and clean energy for all.