Photovoltaics for All
PV 4 All

Webinar on funding opportunities for photovoltaic panels

13 February 2023
To raise awareness of the possibilities for financing the development of renewable energies and in particular photovoltaics, a webinar was organised on 31st of January 2023 for representatives of local government units in the border region of Poland and the Czech Republic in south-west Poland.
Technical details

During the webinar, financing opportunities for energy efficiency projects under the European Funds Program for the Lower Silesian Voivodeship 2021-2027 and financing opportunities from the Clean Air Program were presented. Participants learned about the current opportunities for funding projects under the Funds for Lower Silesia in the 2021-2027 perspective concerning:

– Energy efficiency,

– Energy from renewable energy sources,

– Support for sustainable multimodal urban mobility

With a focus on photovoltaics, issues related to subsidizing photovoltaic panels were discussed and a program on co-financing – purchase and installation of PV micro-installation – was presented. During the webinar, the PV4All project was presented and activities implemented under the project were discussed. The participants were interested in photovoltaic panels and asked questions on installation of panels up to 50 kW without a building permit, the so-called micro-installations.

Furthermore, information was presented on:

– ERDF – European Regional Development Fund (infrastructure projects)

– ESF+- European Social Fund (soft projects)

– FST- Fair Transformation Fund (projects for transformation in post-mining regions – Walbrzych subregion)

– Clean Air Program – changes from 03.01.2023.