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27 April 2023
The final version of the Atlas on options for small-scale photovoltaics in five partner countries – Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden - is now ready and available. The Atlas consists of two parts: Status Report and the Atlas of selected typical and/or some exceptional small-scale PV examples in above mentioned countries, as well as an interactive map, providing locations with informations on the presented examples.
Technical details

The Status report contains the four main topics, such as (1) the national situation of generating PV in the participating BSR countries providing national statistical data and actual situation regarding background and development in photovoltaics field during the recent years; (2) identification & analysis of risks, barriers, and success factors, as well as funding availability for the implementation of small-scale photovoltaics; (3) localized analysis – mirror the conditions analyzed against the local situation in the BSR countries showing local conditions in five countries in promoting development of new small-scale PV solutions; (4) specific analysis of potential solutions for development of small-scale PV – plug-in, off-grid, second-hand, one-stop-shops as well as Rental PV and Tenant Flow Model.  

The Atlas also provides 31 good practice project examples, typical and/or with variety of applications in five partner countries. These examples are also implemented in the map, available on the project website.