Photovoltaics for All
PV 4 All

PV4All-Webinar on the use of photovoltaics for heating in Lithuania

05 October 2023
To raise awareness of the possibilities for using PV together with heat pumps to cover heating needs in new and/or renovated buildings, a webinar was arranged on 13th of September 2023 together with Lithuanian Association of Thermal Engineers and Lithuanian Solar Energy Association for representatives of municipalities, energy utilities, PV and heat pumps designers and developers.
Technical details

During the webinar, the PV4All project was presented and activities implemented under the project were discussed. The use of PV in combination with heat pumps for meeting heating needs were presented for various applications. The main topics presented were:

  • The Union of solar power plants and heat pumps: opportunities and threats, disclosing legal, economic and political aspects,
  • Opportunities for harnessing solar energy to decarbonise district heating systems, showing technological possibilities for transfer to 4th  and 5th generation low temperature district heating systems, various ways to use solar energy for heating,
  • Good practice for application of solar energy in multiapartment houses
  • Technical/economic estimate for PV and heat pumps, the use of renewable and residual energy.

With focus on photovoltaics in combination with heat pumps, issues of heating in new and renovated buildings, as well as possibilities to incorporate PVs with heat pumps in district heating systems were actively discussed by participants of the webinar, thus disclosing occurring problems, challenges and some opportunities.