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PV4ALL partner meeting in Jelenia Gora, Poland

28 March 2024
Now that the release of the first version of the PV4All Toolbox has marked another milestone in the project, the partners met in Poland from 14th to 15th March to discuss the next steps.
Technical details

The partners discussed the toolbox in depth and presented the tools to each other in more detail and discussed which ones they would like to try out within the project. Based on these experiences, the toolbox will be updated in a second version. In addition, the evaluation of the toolbox was presented and questions for an internal project survey were agreed upon, which will contribute to the improvement of the toolbox.

All partners presented their objectives until the end of the project and exchanged information on previous activities. Colleagues from the Lithuanian Energy Institute reported on their webinar on Balcony Power Plants in March that presented the status quo in Lithuania following the legalisation of plug-in PV in autumn 2023. Sustainable Business Hub from Sweden reported on the seminars that they held in cooperation with Solar Region Skåne on building-integrated PV and PV in connection with agriculture and the challenges of combining energy generation and food production.

ZEBAU and the Lawaetz Foundation from Hamburg talked about the plans to promote plug-in PV further, especially in low-income neighbourhoods, using demonstrative installations and information posters in several languages. BENET from Finland reported on discussions with stakeholders about the existing ban on plug-in PV and a proposed solar calculator that will allow owners to roughly calculate their own installations. NOVUM from Poland presented the evaluation of the toolbox and is looking forward to two upcoming events on PV organised by PV4All.