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PV4All-Solar-Popcorn at Hamburg summer festivals

14 December 2023
During the summer months in 2023, there were various summer and street festivals in Hamburg at which the Hamburg PV4All team was present with an interactive information booth on solar energy and balcony power plants. It was not only the solar popcorn from the microwave, which was powered by a mobile PV module on site, that attracted visitors to the stand, but also an information exhibition on plug-in PV.
Technical details

PV4All was represented at summer festivals in neighbourhoods organised by the Lawaetz Foundation’s neighbourhood development department in cooperation with local partners in Hamburg-Neuallermöhe, Schnelsen, Osdorfer Born and Tegelsbarg in June, July, August and September 2023. Together with the Hamburg non-profit association SoliSolar, the Hamburg PV4All team with the Lawaetz Foundation and ZEBAU was able to inform various population groups about the advantages of photovoltaic systems, in particular plug-in PV, and allow them to benefit from them. SoliSolar is one of the first self-build solar communities in Hamburg to focus on community benefit and sustainability.

At the festivals themselves, citizens were able to get advice and information about photovoltaic systems from experts at the booth. On two occasions, a larger PV system was set up on a car trailer which could be used to power a microwave for popcorn or a small fountain to visualize the usability of solar power. The summer festivals were not only an opportunity to educate citizens, but also to engage in dialogue with local stakeholders at other stands, including the Hamburg electricity provider. The large gaps in knowledge regarding photovoltaic systems and in particular balcony power plants showed a great need for further education that PV4All intends to fill with activities in 2024.