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New article on PV plants for heat needs in Lithuania

08 January 2024
On the last day of the year 2023, THERMAL TECHNOLOGY Magazine of Lithuanian District Heating Association (LDHA) and Lithuanian Thermo-technical Engineer's Society (LITES) has presented the last issue of the journal of year 2023 with the article "Solar PV for heat production" (p. 17-23).
Technical details

This article is based on the proceedings of the workshop of the same title and was funded by the PV4All project.The article covers the following topics:

  • Combination of heat pumps and PV plants: advantages, assumptions, opportunities and risks;
  • Solar thermal applications in apartment buildings: good practices;
  • Technical and economic estimate for solar PV and heat pumps;
  • Economic evaluation of heat pump systems;
  • The potential of solar PV for decarbonization of district heating systems.

The article was elaborated by experts of Lithuanian Thermal Engineering Association, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian Solar Energy Association, and Lithuanian Energy Institute.

Picture copyright: Lietuvos saulės energetikos asociacija