Photovoltaics for All
PV 4 All

Local Kick-off meeting for PV4All in Sweden

27 February 2023
On the 20th January project partner Sustainable Business Hub and associated partner Solar Region Skåne met to start the cooperation for PV4All in Sweden. Solar Region Skåne is an association that functions as a network and knowledge center for solar energy in Skåne region.
Technical details

An important task is to support a functioning market for solar energy by organising activities such as training courses, seminars, study visits and conferences in which Solar Region Skåne will play an important role.

At the moment, both the market for plug in photovoltaic systems and used photovoltaic systems to give panels a second life is limited in Sweden. Plug in PV designed to be connected to the electricity grid in a wall socket are even forbidden in Sweden. The market for second life PV has not yet started but might be upcoming since the development of new PV panels with increased capacity is rapidly coming out on the market.

Due to the project PV4All, Sustainable Business Hub and Solar Region Skåne are able to work together with information campaigns and expanding the use of PV equipment in the market in the south of Sweden. The two organisations are planning for events to bring stakeholders together and disseminate expertise to accelerate the overall roll-out of PV.