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Prosper BSR

Ukrainian Refugee Integration: Experience and Future Opportunities

06 June 2024
As part of the Prosper BSR project, LCCI signed six Memorandums of Understanding during the"Ukrainian Refugee integration: Experience and Future Opportunities” event.
Technical details

LCCI signed 6 Memorandum of Understanding in the framework of Prosper BSR project.

On the 6th of June event “Ukrainian Refugee integration: Experience and Future Opportunities” took place and  Memorandums of Understanding were signed with: the Ministry of Economics the Republic of Latvia, the Society Integration Foundation, the Republic of Latvia, State Employment Agency, State Revenue Agency, Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments and Association “Tavi draugi”.


Jānis Endziņš, chairman of the board of LCCI, says: “Signing the memorandum is an important step that strengthens cooperation between various institutions and organizations. It symbolizes a common commitment to create a favorable environment for the integration of Ukrainian refugees into the labor market and business. This initiative will not only help refugees find work and develop their talents, but will also enrich Latvia’s labor market with young, skilled workers.”