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PPI4cities Partners Visit Tartu, Estonia to Discuss Innovation Procurement

03 June 2024
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Last week, representatives from the international initiative PPI4cities visited Tartu, Estonia. The visit was part of an ongoing collaboration focusing on innovation procurement issues. Partners from the initiative gathered to discuss the progress of the CityLab co-creation events and elaborate on the future steps of developing the PPI4cities platform.

The CityLab events have been instrumental in identifying key themes and areas where innovation procurement can be effectively implemented. During the visit, representatives from the municipalities of Panevėžys, Tartu, and Tampere shared their insights and experiences, highlighting the significance of innovation procurement in their respective regions.

In addition to the discussions, the delegation visited several companies in Tartu that are actively engaged in public procurement processes and possess significant insights into the topic. One of the notable visits was to Samelin, one of Estonia’s largest shoe manufacturers. Samelin supplies footwear to various NATO armies, including Estonia, Latvia, Germany, and the UK. With approximately 80% of its turnover from successful procurements, the meeting with Samelin’s long-standing CEO provided valuable insights for the PPI4cities partners.

This visit underscored the importance of understanding the subtleties of procurement conditions and the role they play in fostering innovation. The knowledge gained will be crucial for the further development and improvement of the PPI4cities platform.

If you are eager to enhance your understanding of public procurement of innovation, you can sign up for the free PPI4cities platform here:

This visit to Tartu marks another significant step forward in the journey towards better innovation procurement practices across the Baltic Sea region.

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