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Mobile Hospital

Project meeting 12.2.2024

14 February 2024
Technical details

Project meeting wiht partners

Project Meeting with Parters 12.2.2024


  1. Partner Reports (Tiina R.)
  2. Planning and developing the pathways (Mirka and Tiina P.)
    – what we have done
    – ideas and discussion
    – further planning and elaboration all together in a workshop in Gdansk in March
  3. Communications (Tiina P.)
    Discussion about using logos, posters places and translations
    Planning and discussion about dissemination (news, blogs, publications etc.)
  4. Program in Gdansk 3.3- 6.3.2024 > planning agenda and timetable
  5. Literature review (Mirka T.) > aims, timetable, refining information search etc> continue in Gdansk