Mobile Hospital, Digital counseling environment for children and families
Mobile Hospital

Mobile Hospital Consortium Meeting and Workshop in Gdansk

11 March 2024
Technical details

The two-day meeting was planned and organized in Gdańsk – location University of Gdańsk – Faculty of Social Sciences – Institute of Pedagogy

04/03/2024 and 05/03/2024: at 9.00 – 16.00

The team’s work focused on analyzing the current project results and planning further activities, in accordance with the adopted schedule. The final version of the questionnaire for parents was established. The aim of this study is to collect information on the needs of parents of children staying in hospital, mainly psychological needs and related types of support that can be provided in the hospital environment. It was agreed that the research would be carried out in all project partner countries: Finland, Poland and Sweden. Then, a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the collected data will be performed. The partners also discussed the promotion of the project itself and its results in the future. The next point concerned a review of the literature and available research on the use of digital tools in the hospital environment. A preliminary review (last five years) has been carried out, which shows that digital solutions are increasingly used in hospitals and medical institutions. An important advantage of this application is that it takes into account parents and guardians who accompany the child at all stages of treatment in the hospital. The application can also be used for other medical procedures, before and during a hospital stay. The team plans to prepare at least two scientific studies based on the obtained data. The meeting ended with a summary, which showed that all work and implementation of tasks was going according to plan.

The meeting concluded with a summary, affirming that all work and task implementation are proceeding according to plan. Feedback from participants indicated that the meeting was very effective, and cooperation among all project partners is excellent.