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Blog - Photography of hospital facilities with 360 camera

27 February 2024
Technical details

Filming day of the Light Hospital – Childrens Hospital

The hospital never sleeps. The quieter time starts after 16.00 on weekdays, so we headed to the hospital at 16 with the camera. You can already see from the lobby that the building is aimed at children. The architecture and interiors are pleasant, and pictures of animals on the walls, it feels like you’re stepping into a hotel instead of a hospital.

The hospital is huge and there are a lot of departments. Fortunately, we had nurse Katja Nurminen as a guide, who has worked in almost every department and knows how to move around the hospital like a fish in water.

We’re doing the entrepreneurship training of nursing studies in the Mobile Hospital-project, for which we went to the hospital to take 360-photos, as well as normal photos and a few videos. The internship includes, for example, participating in meetings of the international project group, taking photos and producing content.

We started with the imaging room, MRI and ultrasound. What especially caught our eye was the MRI-illustrating play set in the waiting hall, you can choose an animal(chicken, robot, crocodile) and place it into the device and the device tells you what’s inside the critter, fascinating!

Play with MRI
We got to know and filmed in the intensive care unit, the bed ward, surgery, neurology and the emergency department. The child’s point of view was taken into account everywhere: making the exciting and perhaps scary hospital and operations experience more tolerable. Pads are available for children during procedures, there are pleasant pictures of animals on the ceiling above the beds in the patient rooms, and toys can be found in almost every corner.

Children's hospital room

We got a lot of great pictures and the shooting day was very successful in every way, we are looking forward to the next shooting session!

Students, Sabina & Tiina